In order to work as an occupational therapist in the province of New Brunswick and to use the title “occupational therapist”, one must be registered with the New Brunswick Association of Occupational Therapists (NBAOT).

Registering with NBAOT demonstrates that the individual respects the public’s right to safe, competent and ethical care, and recognizes the Association’s role in supporting and monitoring practice.
All NBAOT members are responsible for information contained within the Act, Regulations, By-Laws, and Essential Competencies of Practice for Occupational Therapists in Canada, 3rd edition.
To become registered with the Association, applicants must complete the Registration Form using the code sheets provided. Once the form, fees and required documentation have been received, the Registration Committee must approve the application to be sure the applicant meets education and practice standards.
Each year, all members of NBAOT must renew their memberships on April 1, regardless of when they first registered. Changes in contact information must be sent to the Association as soon as possible.
REMEMBER: You may not begin work as an occupational therapist in New Brunswick until you have received notice that your registration has been approved.

Important Documents:

Instructions-for-NBAOT-members-to-renew-online .pdf

Occupational Therapists NBAOT Self-Registration How-To Document 2021
NBAOT Fee Schedule and Documentation
OT Codes 2021
NBAOT 2021 Registration Form
NBAOT Provisional Membership Policy
NBAOT Parental-Child Care Leave Policy
NBAOT Regulations
ACOTRO Essential Competencies 3rd Ed.


Annual Registration

Annual renewal forms are sent out in February of each year. All current members of NBAOT must renew by Mars 31. The Registrar must have received all forms and fees before this date in order to avoid paying late fees. An occupational therapist may not work after April 1 if renewal requirements have not been met.
Members choosing not to renew their membership are asked to complete the appropriate form included with the renewal package and return it to the Registrar by April 1.