NBAOT Strategic Plan 2015-18


1. Ensure the professional qualification of occupational therapists by developing and monitoring regulation and competencies in the interest of public protection


A. Completion of Act, regulations and related policies

B. Develop and implement continuing competence program

C. Comply with SEAS program as part of ACOTRO membership


2. Foster membership engagement, accountable governance and effective operations


A. Develop an internal communications plan

B. Develop strategies to increase engagement of members

C. Increase awareness of and adherence to by-laws, policies and procedures

D. Maintain operational effectiveness and sustainability


3. Advocate and raise awareness with stakeholders regarding the value of Occupational Therapy


A. Develop an advocacy plan based on member’s needs

B. Develop and implement an action plan to increase stakeholder awareness of Occupational Therapy


4. Guide and support quality, ethical and accountable occupational therapy practice


A. Identify and develop professional practice guidelines and position statements based on current practice needs

B. Develop and implement a professional development plan, based on identified needs of members

C. Address emerging issues related to Occupational Therapy practice